Journeying with the poor and stupid

Entry 1:
Quentis talks slowly. Such a bore. I’m ready to make some money. Our group consists of an idiot barbarian, a tiefling, and an elf. Hopefully the elf can provide some sort of semblance of high-brow conversation.


Entry 2:
How is it that the barbarian speaks Goblin? Ridiculous. Regardless, this dwarf problem should be easy to deal with. Time to set off. Adventure awaits!

Entry 3:
We’ve encountered some dwarves. They look suspicious. Also, the eavesdropped. I’m not being biased towards dwarves, I was suspicious of them before they eavesdropped.


Entry 4:
A troll stole a baby; such a filthy creature. I’m beginning to like the barbarian. He listens somewhat.


Entry 5:
We defeated the troll. Dok was pretty kickass and I was a whirling, sword-slinging machine. We rescued the baby too. No money reward, though.


Entry 6:
Hotboxed my helmet again.


Entry 7:
Troll came back. I did a sick flip, in full fucking armor!, and speared that bitch with two javelins. Then the others burnt it, which is apparently what we were supposed to be doing. Valil and I took care of the troll’s head. This is awesome. Adventuring is a blast!

Entry 8:

We’re making camp for the night.


Entry 9:

Woke up to a fire. Great. Wouldn’t have happened on my watch, lemme tell ya.


Entry 10:
Saved a flaming cart. Valil bought a straw doll. Pervert.


Entry 11:

I’m supposed to remember a shop called Tiny’s Wares.


Entry 12:

Went to sleep. For real this time. I took first watch and, as it should have been from the beginning, it was uneventful.


Entry 13:

Doc has a shoulder goblin.


Entry 14:

Came across an ogre guarding a bridge. I am not falling for this nonsense. Paid a gold and got across.


Entry 15:

Ogre’s name is Twowrote.


Entry 16:

We’ve been walking and chatting. Talking about our pasts. It’s chill. Valil’s a douche though. A peasant douche, no less.


Entry 17:

Vezryn tried to put a woman with a broken leg out of her misery. Wtf? And then Doc smashed her leg up even worse. It was nuts.


Entry 18:

Valil is the violent brute I expected him to be. He slapped me, but I refused to hit him back. Bet the fool thinks that means he won. Helios would respect my decision.


Entry 19:

Aw crap, we forgot about the dwarves.



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